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I am Marc Ferrin and this is my beautiful daughter, Jordan, and our Great Dane, Frisco! I attended the University of Minnesota and was a varsity wrestler there. I competed nationally and internationally as an athlete and coach. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology and later the Doctorate Degree from Logan Chiropractic College. Several years ago I opened Coastal Chiropractic Center in Sequim, WA and more recently COBI Chiropractic Center on Bainbridge Island, WA.

True Balance:

About The Product

"Normal adult humans eating Western diets have chronic, low-grade metabolic acidosis..." This quotation is from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1998;68:576-83). This report emphatically points out that chronic low grade acidosis puts one at risk for the development of serious illness. But it also explains how this risk can be avoided by increasing the intake of alkaline producing foods to a level that is well above the intake of acid producing foods.

Dr. Ferrin's True Balance is specifically designed to aid in restoring and maintaining alkaline balance. True Balance is the highly concentrated and good tasting powdered form of organically grown grasses-fruit-vegetable juices. The minerals and enzymes in these ingredients provide nutritional support for reversing low grade acidosis without having to make drastic dietary changes. Fruits, vegetables, and grasses are the ONLY natural sources for maintaining alkaline balance. True Balance provides these in a form that mixes readily with water, with a flavor of mild green leaves and a light natural sweetness.

Research Findings You Should Know About
Research reported in major scientific journals confirms that "chronic low grade acidosis" is associated with the long term development of a broad range of impairments and diseases, including bone loss, hypertension, insulin resistance, reduction of the oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin, kidney damage, muscle wasting in the older population, bipolar affective disorder, accelerated aging and Alzheimer's disease. And of concern to parents, children whose brains are somewhat acidic tend to have lower IQ scores than other children. (1)

Reduce Your Risk
The first step toward avoiding these diseases and conditions is to restore the alkaline reserve (minerals that are stored in your bones and liver). True Balance can be of major assistance, since a mere two grams provides nutritional equivalent of two pounds of fruit and vegetables.

True Balance Provides Weight Loss Without Dieting
Many of the initial users of True Balance mention weight loss as an unexpected benefit. Recent research has shown that tylakoid, which is a compound found in green leaves (and is abundantly present in True Balance) probably accounts for this result. Tylakoid has been found to both suppress appetite and, when taken with meals, also reduce caloric uptake by coating fat particles so that they are not digested.

Safe With Your Prescription Medication
True Balance is a natural food product that does not have any known contraindications with medications. If you have any concerns you should consult your health care professional.

Can People Who Are Allergic to Gluten Use True Balance?
Yes! Gluten is normally only present in wheat and barley plants that have reached full maturity.

Highest Quality Ingredients
Our promise is that the ingredients are of the highest quality available. Our goal is to set the quality standard for nutritional supplements.


(1)Rae, C., Scott, R. B., Thompson, C. H., Kemp, G. J., Dumughn, I., Styles, P., Tracy, I, & Radda, G. K. (1996). Is pH a biochemical marker of IQ? Proceedings of the Royal Society (London), 263, 1061-1064.

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