"I've been drinking Dr. Marc's True Balance for three years now, and it has basically changed my life! I have more energy than ever, and with three very active sons, a children's clothing store and my photography business - I really need it!!!

Thank you Dr. Marc!"
- Karin Lehotsky
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Dr. Ferrin's True Balance is specifically designed to aid in restoring and maintaining alkaline balance. True Balance is the highly concentrated and good tasting powdered form of organically grown grasses-fruit-vegetable juices. The minerals and enzymes in these ingredients provide nutritional support for reversing low grade acidosis without having to make drastic dietary changes. Fruits, vegetables, and grasses are the ONLY natural sources for maintaining alkaline balance. True Balance provides these in a form that mixes readily with water, with a flavor of mild green leaves and a light natural sweetness!!
"My heart has been burdened
to liberate captured Thai elephants"
- Dr. Marc