Dr. Marc Ferrin's True Balance - Testimonials

"A friend told me about True Balance and I've been using it every day for 6 months now. I was pleased to see how my energy increased, but even MORE pleased to see how over time my body shape was trimmer and I had lost weight as well! I would recommend this AWESOME product to anyone wanting to improve their overall health and well being! Thanks Dr. Marc!

Kerry Sutorius
co-owner of the Wildernest Outdoor Store
Port Townsend and Bainbridge Island


"I've been drinking Dr. Marc's True Balance for three years now, and it has basically changed my life!  I have more energy than ever; and with three very active sons, a children's clothing store and my photography business-I really need it!!

Thank you Dr. Marc!!"

Karin Lehotsky


"Since I started taking Dr. Marc's True Balance I've lost 26lbs !!  I feel better than I have felt in years!

I have all this energy and I am just not tired as I once was!

Thank you Dr. Marc!

Martin Nanez


"I've been using Dr. Marc's True Balance every day for eight months now. The energy I have, along with the feeling of well being is like never before! I am healthier and stronger than I have felt in nine years!  I am running every day and recently completed my first triathlon!

Thank you Dr. Marc!!

Laurie Parrinello
Marketing Specialist


"I've lost 15lbs while taking Dr. Marc's True Balance! I have increased energy and feel great knowing I am not shortchanging myself of valuable nutrients!"

Doris Schwinkendorf
Retired Registered Nurse


“Thank you Dr. Marc for all your great work!!  Your green drink is VERY, VERY good, and I’ve never felt better!!”

Keith Cunningham
MBA and Author


"In connection with providing me excellent chiropractic care and a holistic approach to health, Marc suggested that I try his True Balance.  I have been drinking True Balance for several years and my energy level has increased! Also my overall sense of well being is improved!"

Thanks Marc! 

David Chichester
Fortune 500 CFO


"I started Dr. Marc Ferrin's True Balance green drink and within a few hours felt more energetic!!  This well balanced drink is so easy to prepare and tastes great, compared to any other health drink I have ever had!! "

Ken H
Registered Nurse


"I've been using Dr. Marc's True Balance for two years now! Using it gives me the confidence that I'm getting my vitamins every day that I wouldn't get in today's busy pace of life and during my occasional fasting I have used Dr. Marc's True Balance with water as my sole source of nutrition- and have felt great!

I could really tell the difference in how I feel day to day. The last time I went on vacation I forgot to pack my balance bottle... I just did not feel right and my body let me know! I won't do that again! "

John Miller


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